Who Are We?


Ophthalmologists are doctors, who after graduation from medical school followed by two years of hospital intern work, then undertake five years of post-graduate training in the surgical and medical management of eye diseases. We are accredited with the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists and registered with the NZ Medical Council as Vocational Specialists in Diseases of the Eye.

In 1966 a group of New Zealand Ophthalmologists (Eye Specialists) formed the NZ Society for the Prevention of Blindness, recently the name was changed to the Save Sight Society.


Our aims are to:

  • Raise public awareness of the causes of blindness

    Glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy alone cause nearly 20% of all blindness in New Zealand. These are both treatable conditions if detected early. The Save Sight Society works with Government and non-Governmental Agencies to raise awareness about these and other common causes of blindness.

  • Encourage early detection of preventable blindness in children

    Nearly 5% of children are at risk of developing "lazy eyes" (amblyopia). The detection of this and other ocular problems in childhood is essential so that early treatment can be initiated and poor sight for life prevented.

  • Prevent eye injuries

    Many serious ocular injuries occur in the home, on the sports field, and in the workplace. They affect all age groups and are mostly preventable. To stop injuries, ongoing education of the public in safety measures is essential. The Save Sight Society is developing strategies to improve knowledge of the hazards, and how to avoid injury.

  • Promote research into the causes of eye diseases and their treatment

    The Save Sight Society has set up a research fund and grants will be made from this fund to New Zealanders working in the field of eye research with special emphasis on diseases that are of particular relevance to this country.

  • Improve the quality of and access to eye care in New Zealand

    The Save Sight Society has particular concern for the elderly with failing sight, many of whom have cataract or degenerative disease. The Society aims to ensure that advances in eye treatments become available to all who are likely to benefit, and that people with incurable eye diseases have access to support services throughout New Zealand.


Further Information

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